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Swanky day

Photographer: Chandra Revo

Creative Direction: Salvi Arzharael

Make Up: Sarah

Model: Gasa

Swanky Day is a story when there’s nowhere else to go, but imagine how happy you are after a long walk on the beach that revitalises your mind, body & soul. Listening to the waves hitting the shore is analogous to music to the ears, you dig your toes deep into the sand. You view the endless sea and the blue sky merge into a horizon to create a stunning vista then fascinated by how birds fly huge distances over the oceans which is one of the many wonders nature has bestowed our planet with.

The sea has myriad tales to tell. Such as these is what makes the sea a spellbinding sight to behold. As depiction to always go and look deeper into yourself, there will always be a safe space within. It’s what you place on yourself and your thoughts that makes a difference.

This collection swank brings more dreamy color to maintaining its dna: urban twist design with comfortable fabric for this 2020 spring – summer season, also with delicate hand-embroidery and details to create color-render effect in the embroidery technique.

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