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Photographer: Reza Prasetya

Stylist: Rajasa Pramesywara

Make Up/Hair: Annisa Caca
Models: Anna & Nikolay @21mm

Not from the same titled novel by Agatha Christie, butfor this Spring-Summer 2014
collection, entitled ‘Murder, She Said’, SWANK created a criminal story of a mistress that kill her man, and conceal it by layers and layers of lies. The faux-love based on betrayal, hurtful, and deceitful kiss of death from his lover may give a man a vibrant dream above a dark hollow reality.

This collection brings SWANK back to its root: dark, satyr, yet playful design with high quality craftsmanship of the delicate embroidery and complicated cut on ready to wear pieces such as playsuit, jumpsuit, matching sweater and sweatpants, sheer pieces, and volume skirt in comfortable fabrics to welcome the spring season, but still comfortable for hang out events.

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