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Photographer: Reza Prasetya

Stylist: Rajasa Pramesywara

Make Up/Hair: Ayu Tiara

Models: Lucho & Sasha @21mm

The hip hop beats flows around. The small kids from the housing projects play skipping rope in the sidewalk. The man next door walk down the street with an oversized tailored coat he got from Goodwill. A scrapped T-shirt with DIY hand painting wore by the Chola across the street. A colorful pavement walk view full with murals by the artistic gang that did it last night guerilla style. A huge words of wisdom complaining about the government written in a playful font against the iron sheeting gate. Waves of expressive oppression turns into beautiful creativity, A survival way in the mid of crippling anxiety and mental breakdown depression.

SWANK present ‘Gravity’, a Spring - Summer 2018 collection. Inspired by the street art and the culture behind it. Swank has created a limited collection for the urban, fearless, self-opinionated, untamed, hype, rule breaker people that still uphold high quality craftsmanship and comforts within every piece. Gravity character turns into embroidery on Swank signature bomber jacket, T-shirts, or even mural prints on Hi-neck sweater with applique string playfully giving a touch of freedom of style mixing the street with touch of elegance in ‘Gravity’ collection. A printed artwork with safety pin and chain applique on a coat is also a recommendation look from Swank, inspired by the hand-over charity oversized attire from Goodwill that commonly used by the housing project community and a printed brochure that people glued over on walls and become layered after time, a rebellious sophisticated design with a twist that more polished and suitable for the modern era.

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