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SWANK 6th Anniversary Photo Exhibition #TheBetaMale

We create items for those who have trust in arts. Beta Male has been neglected for being an alternative option of how an ideal ‘men’ should be. They who prefer poems over soccer balls, a cup of Earl Grey Tea over a pitcher of cold brew beer, a man that dream of an alternate perfect universe and trying to make it a reality, a collection that embracing the playful side of a man, who prefer to win an argument with their wits instead of muscle, for those who built a shield with their glasses and built a wall with their imagination. The beta males has been misunderstand for decades, has been called with names, has been bullied and discriminated for being different and unusual.


Capturing 15 celebrities and muses in SWANK FW17 Menswear Collection:

Afgan Syahreza, Teza Sumendra, Refalhady, Ajeng Dewi Svastiari, Vidi Aldiano, Nindy Parasady Harsono, Kesya Moedjenan, Fangtatis, Miller Khan, Mario Ginanjar, Ayla Dimitri, Gamaliél Tapiheru, Carendelano, Rinni Wulandari, 21mm Models

Through the lenses of 3 Indonesia's Emerging Photographers:

Michael Cools, Reza Prasetya, Ricko Sandy

Fashion Stylist:

Rajasa Pramesywara

Make Up & Hair:

Philips Kwok, Diaz Putra, Ayu Tiara, Lizzie Parra, Kusuma Wardhany, Bhiemo Shaliem, Andita Sylvian


Portee Goods x SWANK


Studiø by S

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