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LE swank

Photographer: Chandra Revo

Creative Direction: Salvi Arzharael

Make Up/Hair: Ayu Tiara

Model: Mk. Ray

In today’s warp-speed world, other ‘opinions’ against us spread faster than ever. SWANK present ‘Le Swank’, a Fall Winter 2018/2019 collection that inspired by a habit of reading daily newspaper that the days seem incomplete without taking hold of. As a metaphor by hold a daily newspaper, this collection took the notion as just to keep things to yourself.
Swank has created a limited collection for the urban, fearless, self-opinionated, untamed, hype, rule breaker people that still uphold high quality craftsmanship and comforts within every piece. Newspaper character turns into embroidery on Swank Quilted Jacket, Printed Appliqued Shirts, Deconstructed Faux Fur Jacket or even some of special 7th years Anniversary Printed T-shirt playfully giving a touch of freedom of style mixing the street with touch of luxe in ‘Le Swank’ collection. An odd cutting on a coat is also a recommendation look from Swank, inspired by the newsboy attire from St. Louis 1910, a rebellious sophisticated design with a twist that more polished and suitable for the modern era.

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