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Photographer: Michael Cools

Stylist: Rajasa Pramesywara

Make Up/Hair: Lizzie Parra

Models: Jeremy & Sveta @21mm 

Accessories: Emilia Nico

"Counting Days" take its inspiration from the dramatic side of loneliness, separation and the inability to resist the higher force. SWANK has translated the very essence of loneliness and turn it to an even more dramatic yet tragic views where the abandoned hearts are left aside. Jail has been the main symbol Swank took inspiration from. The counting bars, wires and the feeling of neglect are beautifully represented in this collection through prints, monochromatic colors and a collection of accessories made by Emilia Nico for Swank. Embroideries has become one of strength in this collection, something that Swank never done before.


Our selected materials ranging from cotton to synthetic leather, will ensure you with the most edgy collection without sacrificing comfort. In life, there will always be something new, something unwanted, something to sacrifice and something Swank.

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