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Photographer: Chandra Revo

Creative Direction: Salvi Arzharael

Make Up/Hair: Ega Augustia

Model: Lucas Rey

So dear boys, don’t restrict your tears just because someone will brand you weak or not man enough. It is completely ok that whenever you feel you unable to bear the burden of emotions anymore, just let it go in the form of tears.

You will definitely feel better. A bit lighter.

Inspired by the cry baby icon of sailormoon - usagi tsukino and the weird 80's cry tv hotline commercial, for this spring, swank creates a collection with vibrant graphic, naughty, geeky, very playful design in a preppy well-tailored cut.

This collection swank brings more fun color but still maintaining its dna: dark, satyr, with urban twist design, monochromatic color, with comfortable fabric for this 2019 spring – summer season, also with delicate embroidery, print and unfinished details to create dripping effect in the embroidery technique.

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