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Photographer: Reza Prasetya

Art Direction: Salvi Arzharael

Make Up/Hair: Ayu Tiara

Models: Samuele  & Loa @21mm

A helter skelter is a British playground ride. It's like a large slide that the kiddies climb to the top, and slide down. Helter skelter has inspired SWANK to bring up that something happens very quickly but in a disorganized and confused way into its spring summer collection this year.

Represented in this collection, SWANK 'Helter Skelter' collection display an array of High Street modern wearable attires with the combination of high quality print of the illustration that symbolize most people right now are going through a life transition by the young talented illustrator, Filikh Raja.


Black and white is still our main color chart, using wide variation of fabric that suitable for day and night such as cotton, linen, twill, wool, satin silk and many more to create a different feel and engage a new exciting experience with our collection.

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